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Good morning guys.  I have had a MES for a few years (and i like it) but recently I consolidated from a large gas grill and the MES to a vision grills kamado.  

First time the other night using it, we did pizzas and holy crap were they amazing.  

I want to start doing ribs, brisket, etc on it, but want to look in to the digi q dx2 as an option to help regulate temps on the long smokes.


This is probably a very silly question, but I've searched all the forums, read most of the posts, etc.


The digi q dx2 only comes with the probes and control units right?  I will need to buy a separate blower to install in the air intake chamber correct? is there a place that sells the whole set up i would need? bbq guru does not unless I'm missing it.


I do apologize for the newbieness of the question, but i am a seasoned googler and its evading me.

thank you


EDIT. might the party q be good enough for me? I'm not a competitor, just a weekend smoker

EDIT 2 . I already have an unopened BGE Temp and Meat probe unit, so perhaps the party q would be enough.



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