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Rookie BB ribs on UDS

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Today going to smoke some bb ribs on my uds. 1st try.

I prepped my ribs and rubbed with dry rub
Half filled my basket with lump charcoal and added alder wood
Lit half a chimney and good a smoke
Shut down one of the valves when temp reached 250
Placed ribs on tin foil but uncovered
I'm going to peek at 2 hours in
Trying to maintain temp at 225
Pray to bbq gods

Suggestions and comments always welcome. Will update on progress.
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 Keep us posted!:icon_biggrin:



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My sugesstion would be to make sure that thermometer on the lid is accurate. Also, you would be surprized at the temperature variation from that to the actual grate that you are cooking on.

My comment is...way to go! I love ribs on my UDS.

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3.5 hours in.
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The verdict:

Total smoke time 4.5 hours
At the 3.5 hour mark I pulled the lid and had a temp spike up to 325, had to open up vents and close down intake to get temp down to 250. Any suggestions on how I can avoid these spikes?
The ribs were tender not fall off the bones but a nice bite
Good smoke ring on the ribs not overpowering
Maybe next time I will try the 321 method.

Next I would like to smoke 25-30 lbs pig: I am thinking it might be a tight fit. Would anybody recomend cutting the head off and feet? So I can squeeze it in to the uds.
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Some form of a heat sink (water, sand, etc.) will help a lot and/or, note where your intake is and close it before removing the lid, then after lid is back on, open intake back to where it was?

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