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Good looking rack of food there. What size smoker is that?
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thank your lucky stars that  the wife suggested boiling, and not you!! otherwise yer out of the inner smoke circle pal...............hahahahahahahahahaha

those ribs look awesome!!!!!!!!! they may have been tough, but, im heading into town right now to pick up some pork ribs, because of yer photo!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by dougmays View Post

oooo boiling makes me shutter :)


then again Guy Ferrea (sp?) went to a famous BBQ join in Texas i believe and he boiled before smoking....

My first issue of BARBQUE AMERICA magazine has an article on pork ribs on page 47 of the MAY/JUNE issue.  At the bottom of the page in red type it says  "For Gods sake, never, ever, under any circumstances , boil your ribs before you grill them or smoke them-that's the height of barbeque heresy".      This is a quote at the end of the article.


I agree, it would feel like cheating but my wife has suggested par broiling also and re-enforced by my son who's group sponsors an armature bbq comp. He says the guy that gets the most votes  par broils them before he comes to the comp and has won 2 years in a row and so he say he knows how to make ribs so that they are tender. This was a time when I was struggling with tough ribs. I didn't buy that notion for a minute and reasoned that the pioneers didn't have the nice ovens to par broil meats before smoking them and told my son that I was going to get it figured out.  From the standpoint of pre boiling or pre cooking in any other manner than the smoker, I've read that once you get some of the outside of the meat cooked it deters getting a good smoke into the meat and so you may as well finish the job just as you started!

So with this site and some reading I turn out excellent ribs and my youngest son raves about them and calls through the week to see what dad is smoking this weekend. We can set at least one  extra plate on the table when ribs are on the menu. My oldest says he will have to tell the guy about my process which is simply the 3-2-1 method and I cant miss if I watch my temps.

  Danged if I didn't have a camping neighbor also tell me that "You HAVE to par broil or put them in the crock pot before smoking them. Again I scoff at the notion ! Even as I am smoking them at the camp ground, he tells me they are going to be tough, I showed him but there are those people that will say that they would have been better had you boiled or put them in the oven first .    I asked the son about entering their comp but he says its for members of the local club to enter but they sell  their cookin' to the public and the public gets to vote for a winner.  Who needs 'em  anyway! 

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I saw dougmays post. I totally agree with doug. Don't cheat and don't boil......... this raises this question, rather than foilwrap the ribs in the last hour

im thinking of tossing them in the crockpot on low, with BBA sas,  and let em cruise till I like the tenderness...........just   a thought.

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Originally Posted by jalee View Post

I am against boiling to but my better half keeps screaming boil them that's what you have to do that's how my dad did them!!! I just smile agree and do it how ever the heck I want to lol


Too funny!  My wife uses the same line, "You have to boil them, that's what my Dad did and he used to be a butcher"


I say, "They didn't invent smokers yet when your Dad was boiling his meat." 

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