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Saturday, First BBQ

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This Saturday was my first BBQ!!!


The Friday I seasoned the Masterbuilt XL LPG smoker. It leaked a lot of smoke by the door and the adjustment temp. in the 225-250°F range was less than 1/2 inch in the temp. control knob (so, some mods in the future :) ).


Saturday, I prepared 4 Baby Back Rib racks and 1 Beef Dino bones rack. Very simple SPOG seasoning because I didn't want to add to much variables to the first smoke run.


I used Oak pellets in an Amazen Tube Smoker, good TBS for at least 2.5h. Water in the pan.


1. Two hours at 230-245°F

2. Baby Back Ribs two hours foiled with butter, apple juice and honey. Beef Ribs not foiled.

3. The last 1.5h, the Baby Backs Ribs where covered with Sweet Baby Ray´s BBQ sauce.

4. Rested 30m.

5. Enjoy!


I'm very happy because everybody invited to the dinner test liked it.


The setup




The load



One hour...






The last hour...



The finished ribs





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Nice smoke, they turned out great ! icon14.gif
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Very impressive to see! Cheers! - Leah

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Good job on the first smoke!

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Looks great!  Congrats on a successful first run!



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Look good!!

Wonder why your Dinos curled up like that? Did you remove the membrane?

Oh, instead of foil, try wrapping in butcher paper

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The beef ribs cut was that way. It was a small section of the rack.


Thanks for the heads up about the butcher paper!

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