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I smoked cheese today, but didn't inhale...

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I just wanted to share my first cold smoke. I looked all over for different cold smoke generators and decided on a basic diy model I saw on you tube.
As you can see I used an old Styrofoam cooler for a vessel, seemed to work well.
So I cut up some cheeses, sharp cheddar, gouda, mild cheddar, and a block of pepper jack.
I really wanted to use Apple but lazy ass couldn't get out today to get them so I use some hickory chips I had left over.
My smoke varied a bit throughout the four hour smoking time from light to heavy, it was a bit tough regulating the air pressure, I'll tune it in better next time.
That was an hour or so in.

Finished product...looks a little light in color but from what I understand it will darken up a bit...?
So now...the wait. It's been a few hours on the rack lightly covered, tomorrow I will vac Pac and store in the fridge for what will seen like forever.
I also smoked some pork butt and sausage today in my new mb 30 electric. Came out amazing.
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Nice! Word of advice, don't share the cheese with friends or family. Once you do, they will expect it all the time. I've gotten to where I just eat my cheese in the garage, and don't tell anyone I have made more...............

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That's good advise.
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Hi there! And from another "Live Free or Die" devotee indeed! (I'm on the Seacoast).


I like the way you "say cheese" to speak! As this big smoke just looks terrific! Great job!


Cheers! - Leah

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I'm a south eastern boy myself.
Gonna vac Pac it today and then hide it from myself...if possible.
The weeks to a month will be tough knowing all the delicious smoked dairy is in the fridge
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That looks great - need to do me some more. 

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