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BBQ Love

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Hi everyone. My name is Rico I live in Saugus Massachusetts. I've been cooking on a Charbroil offset smoker for about 4 years. A buddy of mine bought it for me a few years back for my birthday. I will say i have no love for charbroil products as I think there made of junk. However with some proper modifications I have been able to turn out some pretty good BBQ. Everything I have learned is from reading countless articles and magazines and logging some serious video time. I would love to of had proper teaching. For me BBQ equates to of hours doing something you love. So this 2 months ago when the bottom burned out of my offsett. I knew I needed a new smoker. I researched maybe using a pellett smoker. I got one from Traegger and let me say that ain't BBQ. I sent it back. Thank god!!so I have been researching and came across Lang. I like the build it looks very well built. I don't know much about them but am doing my homework. I was looking at the 38 patio. Any suggestions? I welcome all ideas and suggestions. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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Howdy Rico, welcome to SMF!  I'm a Weber guy but I looked hard and fast at the Lang when I was deciding on a smoker.  If I ever buy a stick burner, it will probably have that name.


Keep us posted on what you choose and your first smokes.


Welcome aboard!

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Hello and welcome, Lang's are great smokers I know a few members have them and can probably answer your questions Try sending Dutch a PM super nice guy.



Gary S

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