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4lb bottom round roast

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OK So I cooked for in-laws today and they like their meat well done. Cooked the roast for 4hrs at around 225°. Got the IT to 140° and pulled out of smoker and wrapped in foil for 1hr. Had a tray of veggies with 1qt of beef broth placed on the shelf below the roast. OMG smoked veggies are the best thing I have ever eaten. Sliced roast thin and placed slices in au jus from veggies. Served on Portuguese rolls. Excellent! I'm loving smoking anything I can. Look at that smoke ring! Used cherry and hickory mix. Will def make again but to my preference of med rare. Next time will pull meat at IT temp of 130°.
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It's only downhill from here addiction wise ! But that's the way we like it round here ! LOL. Ya gotta talk your in-laws into at least medium rare ..... biggrin.gif Nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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and this was leftovers later that night! Awesome
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