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Tossing some beef ribs on the WSM this afternoon.

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I'll let you know how they turn out. 

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Dang, those are some meaty looking beef ribs.  Salt and pepper, yummm.  Looking forward to the pics and how you cooked them.   


I smoked 3 racks of SPOG beef back ribs today the way my wife likes 'em; falling off the bone.  3 hrs low n slow with hickory, wrapped with beef broth, then 275F for 90 minutes.  Good flavor but a little too done for my tastes.  I still eat 'em though.  One rack's already in our bellies.  Smoked some fresh asparagus too (EVOO, Salt, Pepper).


The weekend's almost over but the leftovers will keep me smiling!



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They look extremely appetizing.... I like 'em that way also. How long did the asparagus take to cook?
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Originally Posted by h2so4ca View Post

I'll let you know how they turn out. 

How'd they turn out ?
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And here they are just out of the smoker.


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Them look real nice, great smoke !
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So beautiful! All of it!!! Cheers! - Leah

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GREAT looking beef bones h2so4ca!  Amazing how you can look at a picture and just want to sink your teeth into the image.  Your bones did that for me.


Knuckle 47, I took the bones off to rest and opened the vents on my smoker to fire the heat up.  Once the temp was 300F I put the asparagus on the smoker.  These spears were pretty thin.  At 20 minutes they were ready, but a little too crunchy.  At 30 minutes they were just right, at the stage where they are tender with a little bit of crunch left to them.  I'd probably go a little longer with thicker spears to get to the same point.

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Nice looking beef back ribs.  Ya, there is a lot of pull back on the back ribs but the meat is soooooooo  good.  Reinhard

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Those look great!!!! I have some beef ribs in the freezer and this makes me want to get them out. To bad my next weekend is booked and busy already.:icon_evil:

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Those look PERFECT!


Thumbs Up

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Great looking Ribs!!!:drool


Beef Ribs are my favorite Ribs!!:drool


Only problem is finding them with any amount of meat on them, but you did good----Looks nice and Meaty!!!:drool




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Great job... I had planned on doing the same thing sunday, but none of the 3 grocers around here had any..
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There are places that sell the "short plate"  where short ribs are cut from along with cross cutting them against the ribs for the Korean Kalbi style thin like 1/4 inch thick to 3/4 inch.  You can ask if the local place you buy from has short plates.  They should have them if you see fresh short rib cuts they cut in their meat room.  The short plate has  about 1 to 2 inches of meat on top of the bone with some hard fat on top.  I can get those here.  I get plates that have 4 to 5 bones in the plate.  I have the butcher cut them into 1/4 inch strips for kalbi or smoke or grill the whole plate at times.  That would be your meatiest beef ribs you can get.  Beef back ribs come right from the standing rib.  They are sold in whole slabs or split racks packed in cryo packs.  The back ribs normal only has meat in between the ribs unless you can get some taken off the rib roast within the shop.  Reinhard

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Good looking Dino's ya got there!

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Rineheard nailed it -  the short plate is ribs 6 thru 10.

The meat on the outside is chuck.

You can ask your butcher to cut you some meaty ribs.

Here it's $6 a pound.

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Nice job! Beef ribs have become one of my favorite smokes. 

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Perfect looking beef ribs!

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