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hi new to smokin
Did Mac and cheese. Bacon on top with smoke and excellent taste.

Chicken breast bacon wrapped soaked in buttermilk and simply home garlic mix. 240 for 1.5 hrs. Bacon crisp on one side not on side next to meat. Next time will do bacon next to meat and flip to get done. Breast were good sized but will only take around an hr to be done.

So far both were a little dry
With the electric heat, cook times at least on this smaller stuff will be able to be less then posted ,which will be great. Both had great taste and smoke. Used apple chips and pellets

Remote useless as it won't pick up inside the house at all
Real happy with this smoker overall at this early point in using.

Light seems useless and it takes about 5 minutes do not able t see thru the window.
I will clean the glass just because even though it isn't very functional.
Will add on to this post as I use it more for my additional thoughts on the MES 40