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my first smoker

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i create my first smoker with water heater  25gal

and i want to know what size for the firebox?? and with what steel and what thickness do you build it?



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Hello frenchy. I'm new to the building a rf myself and lol I'm giving advice but I guess this is what the site is everybody helping everybody. You can google Felton's there is a calculator that will tell you a lot as far a measurements etc I'll try to copy and paste if someone doesn't beat me to it. Good luck
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felton's calculator is very instructive !!!

but i would to know the thickness that you use for your "tank" and "firebox"



coming soon the first picture of my cook chamber (water tank)

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Hello Frenchy. My fb will be 34x34x34 1/4" thick. My tank well is just a propane tank about a 275 gallon

Reason I made fb so big is my circ is 30" thought it would help to fill in and as I've read doesn't hurt to be a little big lol
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my wife and me build our first little smoker for my father :yahoo:


coming soon, pics of the real smoker in progress !!!

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it's time to cut the tank !!! :)

it's a tank compressor , a 63 gallon



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