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First smoke any tips

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Doing my first smoke today on chargriller super pro. Have water pan in and ribs on. Didn't do any mods so to keep temp have to close top damper on smokestack to regulate heat. Leaks like a sieve so mods soon to come. Any suggestions appreciated. Ribs KC with rub and brown sugar. Need to figure out how to post pics
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Where you type its above the buttons one to the left of @ to put pics up
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Ok after reading a bunch figured out what I did wrong. Rinse and repeat. Ribs came out good and so did fattie. Chicken was dry. Had to finish in oven. Should have wrapped chicken like I did the ribs in the oven. Here are some before during and after pics.

Ribs came out the best
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to combat the chicken drying out I would definitely brine it next time! Also what temp were you cooking at? And if you haven't already I would definitely look into getting a good digital thermometer, thermoworks is a great company who makes awesome products from 15$ all the way up. Whether grilling or smoking my $20 version always comes in handy and my cooking has gotten dramatically better since purchasing
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Thanks for the brining tip. Made some breasts and they were the juiciest I ever had before the rib cook. Just need to figure things out and make some if the suggested mods. The dried chicken was my fault since I pretty much did it by trying to get the meat up to temp. I'm definitely going to get a digital thermometer. More to come. Even with it being dry flavor couldn't be beat. Thanks again for the tips
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