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My brined butts turning into pulled ham.

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Brined them with Pops Brine recipe, they were injected well and were to be smoked last weekend but that didn't happen so they are in the Cookshack now will be ready tomorrow morning.

Soaked them about an hour changed water once, did a little fry, drained them hit with some black pepper and garlic powder and put them in at 225°.


Will update tomorrow when they are done, nothing to do now but wait.


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Oh yea

I am ready for another one myself.
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In at 9:00PM and out at 10:00Am, temp showed 198° took them out could not lift them off the rack they wanted to fall apart, so I just pulled the rack out and dumped them. took inside had a towel laying on the counter and set the tote on it covered with foil and laid a couple of towels on top of it for about 2 hours then shredded it some with a bear paw as much as I could will leave it cool a little and finish by hand. Came out just as the first, very moist and flavorful.

Doctored up a bottle of sauce going to take some to work for the men tomorrow in a slow cooker and they can decide if they want sauce on it or not.


If you have not done this yet give it a shot it comes out very good and I like it better than just plain old smoked pulled pork.


Oh and if you give it a go do 2 because everyone will love it.



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That looks real tasty !
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