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Little Chuckie today.

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Little 2# chuckie today,  Tatonka dust, black pepper and garlic powder, smoked at 200° until internal temp of 155° then in a pan with some water and foiled, bumped temp to 280° until internal temp of 208° about 4 hours cook time, in the Rec Tec pellet cooker.


Came out moist and tender, was going to shred but decided to just cut it up, I could eaten the whole thing. Even a little smoke ring for appearance, but I was the only one here to see it.






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Little smoke ring? Looks huge to me.

Looks great
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Roast looks great as do those brussel sprouts!!!    :drool

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Wow!! Looks like a meal I'd be thrilled to eat. Care to share the Brussels sprouts recipe/method?

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Sprouts were simple, cause that's how I am.

used and iron skillet, added a little butter and olive oil, not a lot, warmed it some added about a cup of water and then sprouts cut side down medium heat, loose lid cooked until I could smell the spouts browning checked them and turned to brown the other side, took maybe 15-20 minutes they were tender and crunchy. 

I salted and peppered as I ate them.

Have done cauliflower and fresh green beans this same way.

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Excellent look chuck roast cook, nice work!
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