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Congrats to Aneura and TBSTBS for their winning entries.

Aneura with Smoked Fatty Benedict wrapped in fresh local sausage and hickory-smoked bacon, stuffed with peppers, onions, jalapeños, apple-wood smoked cheddar and potatoes, all topped with homemade hollandaise sauce and smoked hungarian paprika.

TBSTBS with Bacon Cornucopia - Home cured, maple wood smoked pork belly, baked in the shape of a cornucopia to display a medley of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Sandwiches, Smoked salmon on waffle - Home apple wood cold smoked King salmon and flavored with home grown calamondin orange zest on cream cheese dill spread.
Scrambled eggs in crispy bacon basket – Scrambled eggs fried in Corned beef fat with powdered cracklings made from home corned beef fat.
Served with coffee from home roasted green coffee beans, and mango nectar.

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Congrats to both winners!  Very creative, and both look absolutely delicious!





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Thanks all!! Another great time with great entries!
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Well Congratulations indeed!!!!!!!


Those both look just beautiful and I think everyone did an incredible job, and you two winners deserve some very righteous WINE!!!! (Smiles).


Really beautiful stuff! Fantastic job!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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In addition to the two winners, I think there needs to have more categories. I think #5 (Reverse Seared Filet ) wins the most restaurant-ready presentation, and #6 (Desert Morning Breakfast) wins the entry that took the longest time to prepare! 



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Thank you so much Dcarch! (I'm the Desert Morning Girl here).


And I too thought that all were terrific and that the reversed sear was just exquisite too! (So incredibly professional indeed)!


Meanwhile, here's to those winners, who did such a wonderful job! So fun!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Congratulations to the winners!

Great job to all that entered.

Thank you for the kind words Dcarch and Leah. I have been able to get several people to try reverse seared at home because of what I have made at work.
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Very nice presentation

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Congrats, looks great - Nice job well done.Thumbs Up

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Congratulations to Aneura, what a wonderful breakfast!

And congratulations to all the other entries. I can tell they are unique and creative and most importantly delicious.

I won because I have a better camera, not because I have better food. Therefore, I thank you all for your kindness in voting for me.


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Congrats to the winners.  Those entries look delicious.

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Congrats to two Great winning Entries, and all the other Runners Ups !!!Thumbs Up


Dang---Now I'm Hungry again!!!:icon_rolleyes:




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Congrats to both. The Fatty Benedict sounds great!....JJ

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Nice work everyone. I'm still waiting for the 'live' SMF throwdown -  because I want to try them all!!  :)

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Thanks to all!! ..and congrats to you too TBSTBS!  Im certain it was more than just the camera! :)


Chef JimmyJ - Its become somewhat of a staple, I highly recommend you try it!! 

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