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I need some help, it has been a looong while since I smoked cheese. I have roughly 12 1/2lbs. of cheese. 2-8oz. Sharp Cheddar, 2-8oz.Mild Cheddar, 1-16oz Mild Cheddar, 1 Colby Jack 8oz. 4-8oz Mozzarella, 1-16oz Mozzarella, 5-8oz Swiss,2-8oz Monterey Jack, 1-8oz Marble Jack, 1-16oz Monterey Jack. I have the 5x7 Amazing Smoker, All I have is oak pellets, What Pellet wood would be appropriate for the cheese, It will be cold smoked in a Brinkmann Horizontal Smoker. I plan on smoking the cheese this weekend.

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Oak is fine for cheese. I really like to use fruit woods like apple, cherry, peach or a combination of those woods. Alder is another mild wood that works we'll for cheese too.
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I agree - the Oak will be fine for cheese. I use it regularly

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Thanks for the quick replies, I'll see what can be done, again thanks,   Allen

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