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Bone in Butt Time

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Good Morning All,


I have a 12lb bone in butt in the MES30 for dinner tonight. This is the third one I have done. Previous butts have been 8 and 9 lbs and have taken 16 hrs and 21hrs to hit the 200 deg mark for pulling.

So having a bigger piece of meat and wanting it to be ready in time for dinner tonight I put it in last night at 8:00 pm, still  thinking that might be cutting it close I bumped the temp to 245 from the usual 225 I use. I wake up at 6:00am to check on dinner and am amazed to see the butt sitting at 190 in just 10 hours!!! I should mention the temps are coming from my Maverick ET-732 which reads right on.

I have since dropped the temp back to 225 in hopes that I can drag it out a few more hours before resting for a couple hours. Does anyone see a problem with me dropping the temp? Does 20 deg in cook temp actually make that big a difference in cook time? Has anyone ever had a super quick butt?

Worry not about Q-view, they are coming.




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Ah, yes, the joys and expectations of cooking at 225°. So now you have discovered the advantage of turning up the heat on a pork butt. I cook them between 285°-315°, my last 9 pounder was done in less than 7 hours. Granted I do not cook on a watt burner but the principle is the same, more heat, less cook time.

I suggest that, rather than turning down the heat, you turn it up and cook to your desired IT then rest , pull and reheat later in a covered foil pan in the oven, perhaps adding some apple cider vinegar or a good thin BBQ sauce. Good LuckThumbs Up

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WOuld not worry about it ,worst come to worst wrap it and store it in a cooler or oven you can bring to 140.  Since you have some time to kill if you have not looked at SoFlaQuers finsihing sauce you might want to give it a try for your PP.  I waited forever then tried it and loved it.

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I just put a butt on the uds half an hour ago,should be ready for dinneraround six.I injected it with molasses, butter and some of my rub. Hope it turns out ok.

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Well she is now out at 12:30pm for a total of a 16.5 hour ride at 245 deg, she is all wrapped up in a cooler resting for her big appearance come dinner. There is no way I would be able to make a piece of art like that if it wasn't for you fine folks on the forum, so generous with knowledge!. Here are a few Q-views I took on my phone as I was going.


Here she is all rubbed up headed to the MES


Out of the smoker headed for the cooler for a rest

Have yet to pull it, will post a couple more shots if I remember.

Thanks for having a boo.


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