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Smokin for a month

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Hello, I am Gene, live part time in Florida the rest of the year in Michigan. Just bought a MES 40, I am thinking about adding either the side smoker by masterbuilt or AMPS, would love some opinions on these... I am really enjoying this new hobby... I have Jeff's book along with two others. I have really enjoyed the news letters, just started reading the forum and am looking forward to using it more...

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Welcome to the board! Be careful with this hobby, or soon you won't be able to turn around without kicking another grill (like me).

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Hey Gene, welcome from East Texas. Glad you joined up. I know a guy who can sure steer you in the right direction when it comes to electric smoking, Send Bearcarver a PM   and I know he can answer a lot of your questions.


Gary S

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Welcome to the forum from Lansing Geno1.  And what a great forum it is to learn the art of smoking everything.


We have a Michigan group here.          

If you get a chance check it out and join if you have not done so yet.


We are going to have a Michigan get together this year and I hope you can make it.


It’s always nice to see another Michigander here.


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Thanks Stan, I am looking forward to it, I hope that I can make it also....

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Thanks Gary, I will give Bearcarver a PM sometime as I do have some questions..... and I am sure that I will have more LOL

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Got your PM, Geno1,

I'll answer any questions I am capable of, and if I don't know the answer, I'll tell you, and hopefully I can direct you to the guy who can answer it, or tell you how to find out.

PM me any time!!


And if you want to see how I did all kinds of things in my MES 40, just click on Bear's "Step by Step Index" link, at the bottom of this post, and all of my other posts.



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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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