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Water Pan- Yes or no

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Hello Everyone!  I will be smoking a corned beef brisket and a pork butt this weekend.  Still pretty new at smoking but I think I got most of the directions I need from other discussions throughout the forum.  Anyway, I wasn't sure if I should fill the pan with water or not.  I have heard both yes and no but wasn't sure if either of these would benefit having water in the pan or not...?  Since I am going to be smoking both of these together, I just wanted to get your take on it.



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Use the pan! It will keep you from chasing temps. Once you learn the WSM then run it with out the pan.

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easier temperature control in the WSM with the water pan

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If you use water for the first 4-6 hours then pull it to form the bark, the meat will still be moist and you will have great bark.... See the method developed by Eric... (forluvofsmoke).....
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Thanks guys, good stuff!
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