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chicken dry rub.

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Do you have to marinade chicken? Any views on just a dry rub no marinade?
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Simple, salt, pepper, garlic, paprika or chipotle powder.

No need to brine or marinade unless you're looking for a different flavor profile.
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Many will marinate chicken in a brine first....then again, many won''s the age old question with a zillion opinions. I would suggest you try both methods of using a brine and a no brine chicken side by side and see which one appeals to you, forming your own opinion. Type in 'chicken brine' in the search bar and many forms of it will show up. I have used the Slaughter House Brine on a turkey or two with excellent results while I often will not brine a chicken, preferring to just use a overnight dry rubbing. The theory behind the brine, IMO, is birds today are produced fast & furious and have no flavor as chickens in the past used to have......HTH.....Willie
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I normally always let them sit in some beer or oil. Had the wife and daughter running around and just completely forgot and went rubbing them down. Didn't know if I should add something to them but I didn't want to wash my rub off
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