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New smoker

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Doing Mac & Cheese for an easy first smoke. Ok wife thought I was crazy wanting to do Mac & Cheese, she loved it. Great taste, using Jeff's recipe.

Have MES 40 from Sams Club

Ordered thermometer and Amazin smoker

Thanks for the great reads and suggestions


Pretreated this morning everything seems OK so far

Doing chicken Breasts with potatoes on Sunday and pork loins later next week


Great forum

Hawkeye Smokin

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Welcome Hawkeye!!

Good to have you join us!!


If you need any info on using your MES 40 for various meats, just click on:  "Bear's Step by Steps".


That same link is at the bottom of all of my posts.




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Welcome aboard, Hawkeye.  I think you'll like that MES.  I know I put mine to good use.

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Bookmarked thanks for your reply and helpful posts

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