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Bone in Pork Butt 8.15lbs

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Hey all,


I stopped by a few stores to pick up a pork butt to try to smoke (first time ever).  The smallest I could find was a bone-in 8.5lb ($18.50 on special).  Problem is....its way to big for me and my fiance, even when talking about left overs.  Is it okay to cut it in half essentially and freeze the second half? Or will that have negative impacts on the meat?  Would also take way to long to smoke on my brinkman electric gourmet smoker which barely reaches 215 degrees, ha.

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Should be good to cut in half and freeze.


When I do butts we always have a lot left.


I freeze it.  Pulled pork reheats very easy.

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Why waste the smoke, smoke the whole thing and I agree it freezes really well.  I add some juices back in from the foil pan underneath before I freeeze it and nuking it is actually fine with the juices in there.  I have found it tastes better once it has had time to marry the flavors even in the freezer.  I have pulled out sandwich baggies of PP from 2-3 months ago and loved it more than the day I made it.

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I just dont have the time to be able to smoke the whole thing. Will take another 4-5 hrs at least
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Certainly, you can cut it in half easily at a diagonal, following the natural seam separating the two pieces:





This removes the blade section from the chuck section quickly and easily, leaving the bone intact.

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