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smoker maintenance

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I'm new to smoking, and have been actually having a lot of success! i have a WSM and i was wondering if I'm suppose to be cleaning the interior? it has this brown build up that happened pretty much after the first smoke. i was wondering if this is something i leave? what kind of maintenance do you guys do to prolong the life of your smokers

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Hello.  That build up is a GOOD THING!  Leave it unless you are getting a nasty taste from your food.  If you are getting a nasty taste then you probably have creosote build up because you are not leaving the exhaust wide open.  Other than that, it's called seasoning!  Clean your grates but not the interior of the smoker.  Keep Smokin!


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thanks! also I'm suppose to leave my exhaust meaning top vent open? all times? what about when i want to extinguish the fire? once its extinguished i open it back up for storage? 

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uh oh, i think it is creosote!!! what do i do?!. i just got my WSM :( is it dangerous? can it be cleaned?

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