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Charcoal Basket

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Hello all... I just bought an Old Country Wrangler smoker. I just smoked three racks of ribs for Easter Sunday.


I realized that I need to build some tuning plates and a charcoal basket. Does anyone have any ideas on how to construct a charcoal basket for my Wrangler?


Any takers????


Smoking Works...

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don't know about the wrangler,  but I make a charcoal basket easy enough with some snips, a square of expanded steel and an old paver, work gloves, and some muscle.  just best the steel around the paver, snipped off the extra and secured the corners.  has worked well so far

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Email Jeff. He will build a great basket and ship it for about $100.

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I made this one from the door of a discarded dog crate, plus some wire.


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5O'clocksomewhere: Thanks for the info. I have left him a message. Hopefully, he'll return my call.


much appreciated.



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You're welcome. I saw Aaron Franklin cook on an old country on YouTube. Looks like a nice unit. Posts some pics when you have time.
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