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Bama Gathering????

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What y'all think??

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When and where?

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Set it up... We will make it if we are able
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Originally Posted by housetiger View Post

When and where?



Good morning!


This is Albert Rivera and would  like to kick off some type of gathering in North Alabama depending on interest.


My thoughts are that a few may express an interest and probably will become involved in the organizing effort.


I do not feel it will be successful unless others aside from me get involved with the planning; folk have to assume ownership in the decisions so it meets the expectations of the group.


I am not afraid to believe this is doable.


If this is like most projects 20% of the folk will join in and then only 20% of the folk that join in will do all the work... that is the way it is as with most things.


Pineywoods has already sent a PM to all the North Alabama members and we will probably get a few to respond; a few is all it is going to take.


To avoid folks getting discouraged I feel that a gathering needs to happen even if only 3 or four couples get together initially.


The common factor will be the love of outdoor cooking and the fellowship aspects, it should come together very nicely.


I am going to assume you may have an interest if the date, and place are good for you; follow this post and start asking specific questions and stating specific interests and suggestions.


Let's put this thing together and have some fun!



God bless you,

Albert Rivera

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Sounds good to me, would love to have a get together somewhere.    Y'all let me know  

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If my schedule will allow I would be in..what are the dates

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Kat and I tried this a while back and it fizzled out. She has since gone and I have been away. I asked Piney to start this Community in hopes of getting together. I hope it works out.
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