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Boneless Pork Butts

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I was in a local store and seen pork shoulders on sale. I asked if these were butt sections and they thought they were. I said there isn't any bones that I can feel. They said that's what they were told. I've never done boneless butts. Do they turn out as well as the bone in?

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I definitely prefer bone-in but the boneless ones are good too  :drool  You just can't treat them as being whole intact muscle...

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The boneless butts turn out great, I use them all the time. Just one less step at the end to get in the way of eating! 

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I did two 4.5-5 pounders for the first time last weekend because the boneless and bone-in were the same price.  What the heck, why pay for the bone?


They were wrapped in elastic string that held together nicely in the smoker.  They were a little leaner than the normal bone in pork butt so I brined and injected them, then smoked 'em with peach and pecan wood for four hours at 250F.  Then wrapped with apple cider and brown sugar to an IT of 205F.  They were tender and delicious.  Can't say I really noticed any difference between the bone-in and boneless.  The peach/pecan wood was a little too light for my tastes.  Next time I'll add a little hickory but I'd do them again in a heartbeat.     

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Never done a butt before..if you do boneless do you have to tie it up with string?
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The boneless ones I buy are already wrapped in string. If yours aren't you'd have to wrap them yourself.
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