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Heat from WSM 14.5

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Hi all!


Just got my new WSM 14.5 (will start a new thread with pics ) but had a question regarding heat transfer from the legs.


Is it safe to put this on a wooden deck? I wasn't sure how much heat from the grill is transferred through the legs of the smoker.


I would hate to burn my deck down or cause marks etc..


The user guide states just don't put it on carpet etc...


Any tips are appreciated!





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I never paid much attention to the legs because mine is sitting on a concrete patio.  I can tell you that bottom section gets scorching hot during a smoke. Don't even think about adjusting your bottom vents without gloves, but I've done so a few times and regretted it.  You could pick up four 99 cent 12" pavers from HD to put your WSM on.

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noboundaries,thank you for that suggestion! that's a perfect idea.

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I have my 18.5 sitting on a wooden furniture dolly and have not had the legs transfer enough heat to damage the wood.  This will also elevate off the wood deck and make it easy to move around as needed.


Good luck and happy smokin'!

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I picked up a "Deck Protector" from HomeDepot.  Not as cheap as pavers though.

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