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Dave new smoker

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Greetings. New to smoking. Just picked up a chargriller super pro with firebox to replace a gas grill. Will be using it for both grilling and smoking. Smoked some breasts last week as a test and came out great. Think I'm going to be hooked. Hope the weather holds out this weekend. Can't wait to play.
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Good morning and welcome Dave be waiting to see pictures and post of your next smoke



Gary S

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Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.



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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Thanks for the welcomes. Think I am starting to get OSD. Trying to get through my honey do list so I can spend the day cooking and drinking a frosty beverage. Hoping to so some ribs this weekend. Will post pics as I get them. Great site and tons of really useful information.
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hey dave!!!   this is dave R.

this is kinda weird but I just purchased the same unit from lowes. they went on sale yesterday for $109, here in billings.

Im not replacing my gas weber, but I wanted another toy. I too am a fly fisher, and used to rock climb from 71-97 ish?

started drinking beers and climbing is to much gona skmoke some swift baby backs this wkend........

I would say somethun like welcome to this website forum, but I joined 2 days im a FNG.............

hava great wkend.............

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Dave thanks. Take a look at my posts. Doing this from a phone so cutting and pasting URL is not that easy.

I wish I would have waited till this went on sale.

One issue I had was keeping the temps up once the charcoal really started to ash over. A charcoal basket or raised grate is in the future so I can remove the ash to allow airflow. Still need to make some if the mods do a search and there are some really good threads here on how to tune this up.

Ribs I did on my first smoke were phenomenal even though I had to finish in the oven. Definitely hooked.

Welcome and make sure to post pics.
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hey dave!! I hadda dream last night about converting my smoker into a vertical unit.

I read about 20 modifications to get the chargriller to heat evenly. because of the sideways  flow.I like to fiddle with stuff like any  other guy but.

I would like to modify the unit without welding.

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Interesting. I bought the grill as a grill and added the smoker as something to try. Little did I know it would become this new obsession. Enjoy. As bad as my first try was the ribs were the best I ever had. I'm hooked since it can only get better.
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hey dave I don't wana bea pest so if you have somethun going , forget this reply

a few minutes ago, I was out in the cooking garage, and thought I might put, the electric heating element

into the firebox section of chargriller. I have an element from my old charbroil/brinkman, electric smoker.

ill have to give you the results as I test today. The digital temp probe  sitting on the outside of the firebox, but right on top reads 220!!!!!!!!!!

this is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heres the other great part, NO MODIFICATIONS !!!!!!!!!!

I ran the cord through the air modulation vents at the bottom of the firebox, and just set the element in the bottom interior of that.

It may be, that I need to remove, the firebox section, and go back to the original grill ? im heating for 1 hour  to see what happens

ill send the results. I don't think I have enough natural convection, to move the hot air to  the grill section.............ill git back to you

If this works, WE WIN BIG TIME. You want 220-230 for the killer ribs, and slow smoke............................later amigo

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