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Easter Ham "Goof"

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HI everyone.  Once I figure out how to get my pictures from my Iphone to the computer I'll post some of my smokes on here.  I just wanted to give a shout out to Pop's for helping me with my Easter ham or what I was lead to believe was a ham.  I was told by the butcher it was a cured ready to cook ham.  In fact it was not cured so I ended up smoking a pork roast.  Non the less it still turned out great.  I would have seasoned it differently and cooked it to a higher IT.  I pulled it off at around 155* IT and let it rest for 2hrs.  Nice and tender and tasted great but missed the ham taste.

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Glad it turn out good anyway.

Pops helped me this easter too.
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I think for next time I'll use Pop's Cure and or just get a pre-cooked/smoked ham.  Pop's is awesome and a huge wealth of information.

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Glad you were still able to eat it  Thumbs Up  Look at it this way - at least you have a whole year to practice curing hams now  :beercheer:

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I'd be looking into getting me a new butcher...just say'n. Glad all turned out ok for ya. It's a bummer when things like that happen on a holiday.




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