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Hello from Huntsville, Alabama -

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New to the forum but not so much to smoking. I'm 32, live in Huntsville AL with my wife of 11 years and my two sons. I help coach my son's baseball team in my spare time when not trying to round out my wife's never ending honey do list. We also like to camp.

I was pointed to the forum by a current member that I used to work with. He makes some excellent food on his stainless UDS and got me wanting to give it a try. I bought two Brinkmann Gourmet smokers from him and the rest is history. Smoked my first shoulder and it was a complete hit. Since then I get asked to smoke turkeys by family and friends almost weekly. I started smoking fatties and bringing in smoked sausage biscuits to work and that was also a success.

My old Brinkmanns just rusted on out so I am 7/8 of the way through building my first 30 gallon UDS. I should finish up the hardware and some small things tomorrow and get it ready for seasoning. I'm on the hook to build 2 more UDS for some friends once I get mine done.

I had no intention of getting very deep into smoking but I seem to be getting deeper whether I want to or not. I guess at the end of the day that isn't a bad thing.

Oh...... and ROLL TIDE!!
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Good morning and welcome, It's addictive glad you joined up, looking forward to post and pictures.


Gary S

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Once I get home this evening and finish up some things (assuming our baseball game is rained out) I'll try to get some build pics up. I had to wing it on a couple of things but I feel like I've got a pretty good setup going. I guess the real test will be the first cook on it.

Thanks! Glad to be here! I'm sure my wife will love that I joined another forum aside from the 20 or so I frequent now.
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