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Sunday Smoke w/ Q-view

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Decided last minute to smoke some meat for Sunday. Didn't plan ahead so just did some spare ribs, 2 chickens (1 splatchcock, 1 beer-can) and a block of tofu for the lady. Ribs came out great, chicken was also good. The skin got nice and crispy as I put the chickens closer to the heat. I used my homemade rib rub on everything. Think I went a bit too heavy on the splatchcock but it was still good. Put some fresh rosemary in the beer can and in side the beer-can chicken. I think it added a little flavor. Smoked with hickory chips at around 225. Took some before/during and after pics. Forgot to get an after pic of the chicken though.



The rub


Tecate w/ Rosemary


Beercan chicken w/ rosemary



Pork spare ribs w/ homemade rub


Splatchcock chicken and tofu


A few hours in



Finished ribs, pre sauce

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Those ribs and chix look delicious!  Not sure about tofu...what kinda critter does that meat come from? :biggrin:  To each his (or her) own!  Thumbs Up


Nicely done!



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That looks delicious.



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Great looking rub. What do you put in it?


If any of those ribs need finishing off just send them here :drool

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Thanks all. My officemates and I have been eating the chicken all week.


Wade, I'm horrible at following recipes so I usually just wing it. But I'm heavy with paprika and black pepper. I also throw in a bit of fancy smoked paprika, sea salt, onion and garlic powder, and this time, a tiny bit of coffee.

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