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Making little smokies

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Just joined this site so hi everybody im Ronnie nice to meet you.I have been doing research and want to make little smokies for football season.I cant find a hog casing small enough and the sheep casings are very expensive which leads me to collagen.I read that you cant twist them because theyre too delicate.Has anyone made their own little smokies  and if so how do i solve this problem in a less expensive way?

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Hi Ronnie,

welcome aboard for the addiction of your life.

For my sausages I use the cellulose casings for skinless hot dogs. The first batch of casings I found on Ebay, as I remember they were 21 mm and later I ordered from a butcher supply and got 26 mm. I like them because they twist well and smoke permeates through to the filling.

At times I have even used 'twist ties' or twine to separate the links.

After smoking I usually poach the sausages in water to 150 degrees IT, then cool and slit the case to remove it.

Look through the sausage forum and you'll find lots of ways to make links.



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