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any hot sauce recipes?

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Anyone got any good hot sauce recipes? I Plan on growing A variety of peppers. Jalapenos, cayenne, habanero, potentially the ghost, bell, and sweet banana.
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Hey, haven't been into making hot sauces yet..... but I was kinda lookin into them one day for kicks ..... Maybe this link will help ya with what your wanting to do !
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Here's my basic method:


Start with the peppers of your choice, and probably onion and garlic. Chop them up and cook them like any vegetable, until tender.



Run them through a food processor to make a slurry, and cook more - also a chance to adjust seasonings like salt



Push them through a sieve to filter out seeds and pulp - which can be used for other purposes like making hot vinegar



The result is a thick hot sauce that can go through a squirt-top bottle.


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That looks delicious. Ill definitely try it out. I tried making it once and tasted horrendous. I also have some jalapeno pepper mash thats i havent used yet that i still gotta use, but i just need to find litmus paper to make sure the ph is acidic enough so its safe to eat
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I've not tried these but they sounded good...JJ

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