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Mother's day

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Ok team,


Mother's Day will be here soon and I need ideas. Wife wants me to user the smoker for Mother's day dinner. I know she wants some smoked sausages as an appetizer...but now I am at a loss.


I have a WSM 18.5" and we have done plenty of chickens, pork loin, and tri-tips.


I am open to all suggestions


Pictured here is my back yard, in December

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Hey SmokeySuds, looks like you have all the equipment you need.  I have two former Banana Slugs for offspring!


Does she have a preference for what she wants you to smoke on Mother's Day?  Or is she leaving that up to you?


I typically buy whatever is on sale at the grocer.  For Easter though I asked what she wanted.  We discussed pulled beef, brisket, whatever I wanted to smoke, then finally ribs and pulled pork.  Thankfully baby backs and butts were on sale at the grocery.  Smoked them both yesterday and they turned out delicious.  We have enough leftovers for several days.    


Definitely get the sausages for the top rack, and put whatever else you decide on the bottom rack.  A nice 5 to 6 lb boneless cross rib roast, SPOG'd, then smoked with hickory at 225-250F for about four hours to an IT of 133-135F makes amazing roast beef.  It is a surprisingly easy smoke.  Best if smoked the day before you need it then put in the refrigerator overnight to firm up for slicing.  Nuke in the microwave to warm and it will still be nice and juicy.


Below are a couple examples.  In the first two pics I used a paste made of EVOO, Salt, Pepper, and herbs.  Meat tasted great but we didn't like the crust at all.  We scraped it off to finish the roast.  In the last pic it was just SPOG (salt, pepper, onion, garlic).  It was delicious!




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Thanks Noboundries!!


Go SLUGS!! (class of '94)


Well that looks just yummy and she loves roast beef (and French dips the next day)

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Happy to help! SmokeySuds!  Our kids (twins) were class of '06.  One still lives down your way in Capitola, the other is over the hill in Campbell. 


Happy Easter!

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Oh nice.


Capitola is great area too.

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Just take a look........ You said she likes sausage.


Pork Shots






This was a little different, fairly reasonable, and really good eating. I understand the fancy folk put kumquats on the bone ends.....It came out really good.

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Wow Dave


that just looks crazy....Jimmy Buffet would be proud

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