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Hey folks!


Just wanted to share my all times favorite kids meal. My boys (6 years old twin bandits :yahoo:)  simply love it, and so do my friends kids, whom I got addicted to these little chicken skewers.




Basically, I buy boneless chicken thighs, and cut them into a small bite size cubes. To make it "yakitori" I use those Japanese bamboo skewers. The meat is not marinated or anything... Just brushing with some EVOO before grilling, and dusting with a spice rub (check the recipe of a basic rub here, just go easy on the chili powder, unless your kids are fire eaters, like mine).


Grill those on direct high heat, about 8-10 minutes, turning once or twice, depending on whether you grill on gas or charcoal (charcoal burns hotter)...


Enjoy! Thumbs Up