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Caseless sausage?

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OK, everybody in the house except me doesn't like casing on their sausage. To tough, source, etc. So, can I basically make any sausage caseless? Is it even possible to form links or am I stuck in patty land? Can I put a case on and strip before eating?

And don't try to talk me (them) into casings. SWMBO has spoken.
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My guess is that you are referring to natural pork or lamb casings. Have you tried using collagen casings? The collagen may be acceptable to the family; or may be easier to peel after stuffing if not.

Another option: Try par-cooking by poaching just long enough for the sausage to retain its shape, then cool and remove the casing before further cooking.

Last resort is patties.

I'm sure others will present more options.

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You can use cellulose casings which will make it a skinless sausage. This is how hot dogs are made like your ballparks. Here is some rick did
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Yes, you can use a stuffer or jerky gun and just run sausage into little logs. It saves on purchasing casings and it takes on more smoke. Q matz work great for this because the links don't stick and they are easy to clean.

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I might try this too
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I do a caseless sausage. It is the one that you put in cure and seasoning and keep in frig 3 days mixing each day. On third day  make 3 equal size rolls. Put in oven at about 160 for about 3 hours then 175  until internal temp is about 155. My recipe is different slightly because I set oven at lower temp and I set a bowl of water in oven. The out side does not get hard. Some recipes call for 8 to 10 hours. That's ok if you want it drier.If you would like my recipe I would be happy to post it.You can do it in  a kitchen oven or smoker if you can regulate temps at around 160 to 175.Happy SM Weisswurst.

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Instead of oven could you use smoker
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