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Basket grilled mushroom mosaic

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Last day of lent being a Saturday one could spend a little more time cooking "compliant" dishes. This is not my creation, it's from Raichlen's book. Found it many years ago and enjoyed ever since.

Enoki and cremini mushrooms

Oyster, shitake and king oyster

Cleaned them with a wet paper towel (never wash them), chopped in large pieces (didn't chop enoki), salt and pepper, olive oil (toss as you drizzle - as they sponge everything).

While the oil does its job inside the mushroom fibers I grilled garlic, onion and a red pepper.

Mushrooms in the grill basket.

Meanwhile roasted garlic, onion and red pepper get chopped (pepper was wrapped for a few minutes so I could skin it effortlessly).

Enoki goes in at the end (takes a couple of minutes only)

Tossed the mushrooms with the chopped vegetables.

A handful of chopped parsley and is ready to enjoy.

Thank you for checking it out.
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Now this is just beautiful! I love enoki mushrooms (or any mushrooms actually) and what you've done is so stunning! Thank you for sharing!


Cheers! - Leah

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