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Baked Easter Ham

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I went Sam's the other day and got a nice fresh pork ham, when I got home I showed my wife and said I needed to pick up some lump charcoal and a few more splits of hickory from my son's house, she said OOOOO-K, I said you don't seem to enthused, she said "I thought I would bake it", I said What !! a perfectly good ham and you don't want me to smoke it ? She said " Look you smoked a ham, ribs and a brisket last week, I want something not smoked or grilled for a change" so we are having baked ham.


Since my wife's niece and husband are coming in this evening we are doing Easter Dinner tonight. Here are a couple of pictures of the ham and a Boston Cream Pie my wife made using and angel food cake (new recipe)   I used Bearcarver's  glaze recipe.  Smells fantastic, probably the only thing that would have made it better,  if it was on my smoker !!!   Oh well




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All Looks Great, Gary !!!Thumbs Up


Like Prime Rib, Ham might not be as good not smoked as it is smoked, but it's still Awesome in my book!!!Thumbs Up


And OMG!!! I Love Boston Creme Pied---LOL----Even Boston Cream Donuts!!!:drool


Nice Job Gary & Mrs Gary!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up




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Thanks Bear, your glaze recipe.


Gary s

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Ham turned out good, everybody thought the glaze was fantastic (Thanks again Bear)  I would have liked it more if I had smoked it, But I guess everyone really liked it, hardly any left. Funny thing, when my wife's niece and husband got here, the first thing she said was " I figured uncle Gary would have smoked it".  



Gary S

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That's Great, Gary!!


The next one should be your call----Schmokin' Time!! :drool




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