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Hi All! New guy in town

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Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Alex and I'm from Upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes Region. I just bought my first smoker, an MES30 and have done a few smokes so far with mild success. My first were a couple of slabs of ribs and chicken drumsticks. Both came out great, parts of the ribs were a little dry but overall they were fantastic tasting. I also did a couple of 4-4.5 lb. boston butts for pulling. I had some issues that day, the pork didn't get up to temp enough to be over 160 long enough for a tender pull. I ended up having to cut it and make faux pulled pork, but everyone loved the flavor. Most recently, I did a small pork tenderloin (1.25 lb or so), it turned out really good after a couple hour smoke and brought it to about 160. Used injections and a fair amount of apple juice in the water pan to keep it moist.


Anyways, I used this forum to get a lot of the information for my first few smokes and thought i would join up so I can post and interact. I am very interested in this as a bit of a hobby but also just to have another cooking skill under my belt.

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Good morning Alex, glad to have you here. Post some pictures of your next smoke, if you need any help just ask. Happy Easter !!!



Gary S

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Hi Alex,


Welcome to SMF. We are glad to have you aboard. I also have a MES30 among others in my arsenal. This is a nice unit and works well. Mine runs about 25° hotter than the actual set temperature so I would recommend checking out the internal temperature. I like using a Maverick ET732. Many folks on this site swear by this unit. Also attached is a list of tips from MES owners that you may want to look at....Good luck and ~~welcome to our smoky group....RTB...:439:



MESNewOwnerTips.doc 27k .doc file

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Thanks! I like that MES tips doc, definitely helped out this weekend. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of my finished pork shoulder I did Saturday. It turned out a lot better than last time, so good!

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