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Tried something new

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I have been  smoking ribs, briskets, turkeys, etc for a few years now, but this last weekend I smoked a 3lb sirloin roast.  It took about 2 hours at 230 degrees to bring the roast to an internal temp of 118 degrees.  I then seared all sides on the Weber bbq.  It was too early for dinner so I wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven at 150 degrees to keep it warm, but low enough so that it would not cook any more.  The results were fantastic!  Check out the photo


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That hunk of meat does look mighty tasty!!
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That looks Fantastic, Dodger!!!Thumbs Up


Had to be Mighty Tasty!!:drool




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Wow! That's perfection from every angle.

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Oh my....I actually clicked onto the bigger display pic for a better view.....looks spot on perfect to me. That's going to be some delicious sandwich material sliced razor thin.....French Dips, Philly Cheese Steaks, open faced slathered with gravy etc....heavenly stuff ahead for you.....Willie

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Great job, looks fantastic, color, bark all spot on. 


Gary S

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Very nice indeed......:Looks-Great:

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