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should i freeze it ?

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Bought two 6lb butts and ribs yesterday plan on smoking them Sunday morning , should I freeze them or will they be ok in the fridge? if I should freeze them when should I take them out to defrost in the fridge slowly?

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I would not freeze them they should will be OK in the fridge until Sunday but I wold double check dates on the product.  Depending on size I would be pulling it out of the freezer today to use this weekend.

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I have not froze them yet , date on butts packed 16th sell by 19th ribs packs 11th sell by 24th. if it wasn't pork I wouldn't worry as much

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Sounds like you are good, don't worry about it.

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thanks for the quick replies , happy smokin

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No prob somebody is paying me to play on the internet, I mean

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