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Easter Spread

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My Plan:


Pork Butt


Baby Back Ribs




Baked Beans


       I have been following Malcom Reed's competition rib recipe but with famous Dave's rub. I like it, but want to try a variation Trigg's ribs with the tiger sauce. I'm going to use Bad Byron's rub on the ribs. I'll foil with brown sugar, parkay, honey, rub, and tiger sauce. I don't want a candy rib, thats why I'm going to try Bad Byron's because it has no sugar. I'm going to mop the ribs every hour with Myron Mixon's Marinade 


As for the butt, I'm going to inject with Myron Mixon's injection and leave in fridge overnight. Then I'm going to rub with Sweet Rub o mine. I will foil it also at 160. Bring it to 190-200 and pull it out to rest in cooler.


ABT's will be a first for me. I'm going to try them with cream cheese, smokies, and bacon wrapped. I think for 2 hours on smoker?


Then maybe some baked beans with some pork from the butt in it.


All will be done on my MES 30 with cherry and Apple wood and I do use water and apple in my pan.


Comments or suggestions are open...

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In the smoker!!
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Originally Posted by Bhelton View Post

In the smoker!!


Cool  Thumbs Up  Any updates?

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It all want good. The pork butt was a bitt dry by the bone only. The beans and ribs were killer.
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