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30 lbs of pork belly

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~~Went to my RD today for pork bellies. While freezing in their cooler room, the single packages of bellies were 2.86 a pound but the case price was 3.19. Normally I just pick up the case and go, but this time I said what the hey? and picked up 3 single cryovac packages. Got to the checkout and sure enough, I was charged for the case price of 3.19. I told the checker about the price and after the stocker going back and forth, I was charged the advertised price of 2.86, saving big 10 bucks on the purchase. Told the checker I should have got a couple more, but 3 is all that will fit in the fridge while curing. This this was skinless bellies as well

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Looks like someone has some bacon in their future  :yahoo:

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