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Lamb Bacon

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lamb bacon .
i used lamb belly and i put it in a brine of
5 lb water
1 cup sugar
1 cup salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup
1 tbs cure#1
1 tbs pickling spice .
it will be in the brine for 14 days


Two weeks have passed since i put it to cure . so yesterday  i dry the lamb and put it in the fridge over night .
this morning it gone  in to the smoker for 8 hours (cold smoke ) using bear extra smoke system .

After 8 hours it go's out and now  it is time to slice it .
i fried 3 pieces ,they are good very much like canadian bacon slightly too sweet for me .
next time i will look for a thicker piece of meat and cut on the maple .












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Nice work Ahron. I've never tried it, but now you've given me something new to try. 


I'll be heading off to the store soon.

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Looks good man!  thumb1.gif  I've never had bacon from a lamb before...

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Wow! That looks great! I bet it is tasty! The color of the sliced stuff is amazing!
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Wow, that looks like a nice prosciutto. Wonderful colour & such. I wonder if I could do that like I normally do cured & smoked belly to eat raw?

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MMMMmmmm……… Looks Real purdy at the end there, Ahron!!!:drool


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up




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Thanks guys .

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