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Vermont Pig first spare ribs....

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Yoyo,,,thanks to this site, i've been expanding my (hot) smoking experiences. The only time i;ve done ribs, was Baby back on a rotisserrie/gasser with my CSG plugged in the side. Not a very technical approach. So i decided to try a modified 3-2-1 recipe i found online.


I brined some spare ribs in Pop's brine for 48hrs.....then rubbed with a sortof Memphis rub for 12 hrs...then 225F for 3hrs, foiled and apple juice for 1hr, wrapped up with an unfoiled hour with's how they turned out....




They were VERY Tasty....The Rub/Glaze combo is sweet, yet still spicy enough. The brine gave them a nice bacon flavor for sure. They weren't fall of the bone, but imagine if you foiled them longer they would be? Either way...a very nice rib.


Sorry I'm too tired (early morning snow removal) to type out the recipe....Google the title and you'll find it for sure..or maybe I'll post it tomorrow.......

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Looks like some good eats there, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Looks good from here man! & yeah - if you would have foiled them longer they would have been fall off the bone...

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They look good and the perfect texture for my taste. Gotta try cured ribs soon.

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Ahhhh good ole Vermont - the official hometown to smoking lol. Funny thing I grew up here and don't enjoy skiing or like the taste of maple syrup. Your pig candy does however looks great boatbum. Did you use real VT. syrup on it?




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Bacon on a stick! Man do I love cured ribs and these look magnificent. Thanks for making a fat old guy's day.

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