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looking for a cook book for smoking

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hey there everybody i dont know if im in the right section to wright about this but i was wondering if anybody knows any good cook books for smoking? Just got my first smoker on saturday smoked a chicken last night turned out really well! The only problem was that the skin was thick and chewy but hey maybe ill do better next time! Also the smoker i got was a brinkmann red electric smoker. Anyways if anybody knows a good cook book for smoking please let me know going to smoke alot this summer! have a great day!

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there are all kinds of great smoking and BBQ cook books out there.

Jeff that runs this forum had a very good one I highly recommend and Myron Mixon also have several

his newest Every  Day BBQ is awesome 

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Hey Bubba, I also purchased Jeff's book and it is quite good. Have not tried any of the recipes yet, but it has al meats; Beef, Pork, Fish, and other cool stuff...enough for a newbie like me to play around with all summer!

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Good to see you here, Bubba. Good luck with your smoking endeavors!


The comments above have got you started in the right direction in your selection. Amazon also has a whole bunch listed in their BBQ/Smoking cookbook section. Be sure to look in some of the BBQ books because they will also have some great recipes. Also, go to some of the on-line cooking sites for ideas.


Hope to see your results here soon.

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Thanks for the reply guys! im going to look for that cook book you guys suggested! 

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@bubba96 the BBQ Bible is an awesome smokers and grillers cook book
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Bubba one of my favorite books is smoke & spice. It is wonderful in terms of recipes and how too. Good luck

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Hey Mike,


Search that Smoke & Spice book and a few are coming up on amazon. Is the one you are referring to by Bill Jamison and Cheryl Alters Jamison?



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Good morning Mike,  You don't need a book on smoking you just need to use the search bar above.  There is more info here on this site than any book can give you.


Welcome to the forum and please go to Roll call and introduce yourself.  I see your from Michigan and

We have a Michigan group here.


If you get a chance check it out and join if you have not done so yet.


We are going to have a get together this year and I hope you can make it.


It’s always nice to see another Michigander here.



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Yes the Jamison book is the one. I do like having the books but you can do your due diligence via the Web as well
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