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Another brisket

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I was looking forward to a weekend off but my parents came in from Alabama en route to my brother's in Camp Pendleton and wanted some brisket. Ok, twist my arm.

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Brisket requests from family; guaranteed to put a smile on any smoker's face.

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My brother wanted me to send some his way, but there may not be any left.
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Seven hours in.

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Just pulled it at 200. I'll take some pics when I start slicing.
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Looks great !
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Not as good as the last one but not bad.

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Go by the poke and prob next time Gunnery Sergeant! It should feel like the resistance of probing a stick of butter that's been out on the counter or table, not one from the fridge.

Yeah Gunnery Sergeant. The last time I called one a Gunny and didn't know him, I got both barrels slam BAM!!!! Even though I was an Army Sergeant.  

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Don't worry about it, at least you didn't demote me!
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