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First ABT's

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Never done these on the smoker before! We usually do some as appetizers over the holidays, stuffed with cheese and sausage. But, we always cook them in the oven.


Just the basics. I used Lil'Smokies in some, Asparagus in some and made some plain ones. I used the rub I make for ribs on them. Apple wood for smoke.


I wanted to try them the traditional way and put them on the smoker. It was surprisingly easy, quick and they were delicious! I also wrapped the leftover Asparagus in bacon too.... Yum... The wife and I mowed them all down in under 2 hours!



The basics















Going in

Going in.


Coming out

Coming out.


Done, with a few missing!

Finished with some missing!

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Those look ridiculously good... We love our peppers in Cali. I have never tried smoking these, but I definitely will now.
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Man.... I don't want to "over do it"... But, they were darn good!! The wife and I plowed through them all pretty quick.


To be honest I was a little worried about the next morning (if you know what I mean!?). But, no issues at all.


I will be doing them again soon. Maybe next weekend!

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You just decided what to smoke today for me. Thanks! The trouble is that I can eat a dozen myself.

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