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Pork Loin Versatility??

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LOL... Me too, who'd ever expect to see pork loin and versatility in the same sentence. But This week I cured, stuffed, wrapped, and smoked some chops cut off of a loin.


Then I smoked a small loin roast and added a kumquat glaze.


Last nite after starting a pot of white beans and adding chunks of the left over cured, stuffed, wrapped chop. I made homemade pizza with the left over glazed loin, some left over sausage, and some frozen smoked Cajun sausage. I couldn't find any pulled pork...... maybe a mouse is in the freezer.




Then tonight its Southern cooking at its finest, Southern Fried tenderized Pork! No biscuits or milk gravy cause I had white beans and rice w/ cured pork on the side. I can prove it!


I cut the last piece of loin into 3 pieces about and inch and a quarter thick. Floured and tenderized! Great to release that stress!



I can't wait to see how the Jaccard works.... You know, kid with a new toy?



Batter station. I use Buttermilk, creole mustard, eggs, tabasco, and Cajun power. Flour is unbleached with 15% corn starch, salt & pepper.



Ready for the skillet!




Dancing happily in the cast iron chicken frying skillet (I like the high sides less splatter).



AND finally the Bear View.




Really nothing exciting here, as I said in an earlier loin post, I year ago you could not have paid me to take a pork loin. Now there is 5 days of completely unrelated meals with unique tastes all for a small part of a pork loin. BTW the Chicken Fried tonight was so moist and flavorful, its right up there with the smoked meals. Oh and I used for openers, the cured smoked pieces of loin in the beans, they could have been a meal of themselves!


You don't have to smoke a whole piece of loin, slice package and freeze. You just have to be a little creative with your menu.


Been fun this week.

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Hello Foam.  As always, Great ideas.  I like the chicken fried idea and you can't beat a good bowl of beans and some cornbread.  Thanks for sharing the all.  Keep Smokin!


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