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noob having some trouble!!

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so I have a Brinkmann TLE that I bought off of craigslist. it's in good condition a few rust spots on the firebox. I have done 3 cooks on it and the food is turning out great. My problem is getting the grill up to temp. I've built a charcoal basket, added a baffle, the only thing that I haven't done is get tuning parts but the are in order. Today I'm cooking ribs I used about a 3/4 a basket of charcoal and I haven't put any wood on yet. The temp is sitting at 225 on the stock thermometer and 200 at the grate. I would like to cook between 225 and 275. When I add wood I get up to temp but I end up using a lot of fuel. if anybody can help I would greatly appreciated[IMG]
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I would say if it is cooking good you just might have to chawk it up as a burner. If you had a weber before you are probably spoiled.. hahaha

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Sounds like  you need more air.  You may have to make some modifications so that you can get more air to your fuel, course it will burn more fuel that way too.


Also, make sure your stack vent is open all the way!


Good luck,



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It's a fairly low end uninsulated stick burner. They use a lot of fuel, something you will have to accept. They use a lot of fuel. You can mod it a bunch if you want to make it a bit more efficient, but it will always be what it is.
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