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I was having trouble controlling the temp on my Yoder Cheyenne using the BBQ Guru. I had been using it on my Webber with no troubles.  Using the small pit adaptor and the pit viper fan I could leave the Webber alone for 5-6 hours. Using the same adaptor and the pit bull fan on my Yoder I could not seem to get constant temp out of it, so I built this.

I figured the problem was the air was all going to the front of the fire box. So using some Home Depot copper pipes and a little work I came up with a fan adaptor that stokes ALL the fire.


It does require 2 small pit/Webber adaptors but otherwise its just pluming parts and engine sealant.

After a 3 hour test run with some sausage I will call it a success. The pit came up to temp quick and stayed there with almost no intervention or having to add fuel.

Just a shot of my set up.


If you want to build something similar to my adaptor and have Q's I will answer them.